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Industries depend on Printronix Auto ID

Worldwide, major industries lean on Printronix Auto ID to service their supply chain requirements. With a proven track-record in providing solutions to the automotive, food & beverage, retail, transport /logistics, and government & utilities industries, it’s time to see what we can do for you.

Global sales of passenger cars alone surpassed 73 million units for the year. Each of these vehicles are made up of thousands of parts that are marked, shipped and tracked effectively by barcode labels.

Food & Beverage
Few industries are as dependent upon their supply chain as the food and beverage sector. With a $7.6 trillion market, and global food exports valued at $1.46 trillion, success in this industry is driven by effective supply chain.

New regulations and labeling requirements make Healthcare one of the fastest growing markets for barcode labels. Printronix Auto ID offers a full suite of printers to meet the growing needs of this demanding industry.

Labeling requirements for Manufacturing have evolved to include more information per label, the use of 2D barcodes, RFID labels and the need for 100% readability when delivering to retail establishments. Printronix has a printer to help you meet each of these goals.

Mobile Printing
Mobile printing improves business efficiency and productivity. With increasingly competitive warehouse, manufacturing and retail environments, mobile printers deliver measureable ROI in worker productivity and error reduction.

Retail sales worldwide topped $22 million. This number is only expected to increase with the global expansion of easily accessible ecommerce and mobile platforms.

Transportation & Logistics
For decades leading Transportation and Logistics enterprises have relied on Printronix Auto ID for labeling requirements throughout their applications. From mobile printers to industrial printers, Printronix keeps the supply chain flowing flawlessly.

Warehouse & Fulfillment
As technical requirements in the warehouse increase, Printronix Auto ID introduced a complete line of high performance printers to meet these requirements including RFID, Barcode Validation and Wireless Control.

Customer Success Stories
Printronix Auto ID is a global leader in thermal printer and barcode validation solutions for enterprise level companies. Printronix printers can be found in the largest and most influential companies and industries around the world.

Customer Success Stories

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